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Transform Your

Retail Business

With Analytics Services, you can transform how you view & interact with data for your retail business.



Analyzing data coming from multiple sources all at once can be a highly laborious process with the need for multiple resources. Retailers today are facing increased competition from online businesses & other retailers who are utilizing retail analytics consulting to stay ahead. 

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Drive Growth with the Right Data Analytics in Retail

Around 81% of retailers today gather insights about their customers & their shopping habits. However, only 29% of them can use that data. 

Our Retail Analytics Consulting helps retailers gather the right data about their customers, products, stores, & locations to help them:

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What you can do with Retail Business Intelligence

To use and analyze valuable data coming in from your customers, products, stores, & other channels, your business needs the right view to make informed business decisions. 

With our Retail Analytics Consulting Services, you can empower your retail business with all the right tools.


Customer Data

Visualize valuable data about the customer preferences, buying patterns, change in trends, & satisfaction levels

Product Data

Simplify data about different products, their sales volumes, categories, & hot-selling items

Inventory Data

View important information about your inventory to better manage stocking, prevent stock-outs & losses and improve efficiency


Store Management Analytics

Measure foot-fall at your stores & help understand unconverted customers to improve store layout, product portfolio, cash-counters & activation activities

Financial Analytics

Identify where the profit lies & where the major expenses are occurring to reduce losses & wastage

Retail Marketing Analytics

Get a holistic view of the performance of marketing activities, promotional campaigns, & activation activities to change strategy & drive conversions


Automate Reporting

Reduce manual data collection, cleaning, & reporting

Gather Real-Time Data

Get instant updates on real-time data coming in from various sources

Make Data Simple

Provide transparency and access to easy to understand data across the board

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Streamline Data Collection in Retail Analytics

Retail businesses have data flowing in from multiple sources, most of which are not integrated with each other. This increases the time to combine data, develop reports, & make business decisions. With our Retail Analytics Consulting, you can combine data from different sources such as:

Identify total sales, profit margins, average purchase amount, customer counts, & more

Keep track of what is in stock, what needs to be replenished, & how to optimize inventory

Visualizes customer trends, buying patterns, behavior, tastes & preferences. Keep track of individual customers, their experience, & retention

Gather data from people counters & foot-fall beacons to identify several walk-ins, sales, & unconverted customers in a given time frame. Determine staff needs according to the foot-fall

Combine & visualize important data coming from the market about the demographics, tastes, preferences, & trends

Give your customers what they are looking for by keeping track of what they are saying about your products, stores, and assortment.

Compile & analyze data from your e-commerce & retail businesses to get a complete picture & unify reporting.

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