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Prescriptive Analytics Consulting

If you’ve ever wished your analytics could be more prescriptive, that is, able to recommend actionable next steps for a given business objective, then Ascend Analytics’ prescriptive analytics consulting service may be the perfect fit for your organization.

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Prescriptive Analytics is the new gold, and you need it to make better decisions


As organizations grapple with a flood of data and deploy analytics to improve the quality of insights being generated, it’s no surprise that many are turning to prescriptive analytics.

Prescriptive analytics is a subset of advanced analytics that uses mathematical optimization models to find optimal solutions for business problems. It enables businesses to predict outcomes and optimize processes through powerful analytical tools.

Drive agility and increase your efficiency with Ascend Analytics

It’s time to take your business to the next level.

We believe in the power of data. We believe that deep insights from data can bring competitive advantage, build better business cases, and help you make the right decisions.

We will help you deliver faster and more accurate results, drive agility, and increase efficiency–all from the power of data.


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Gain a competitive edge by leveraging your data


Did you know that deep insight from data can bring competitive advantage, build better business cases, and help you make the right decisions?

Our experienced analysts leverage the latest analytic tools and superior business acumen to enable our clients to build predictive models that drive impactful change.

Drive smarter and faster decisions across your business

Our solutions are designed to help you make smarter, faster decisions across your organization—from strategic planning to daily operations. 

We help you tap into your data to gain deeper insights that impact business performance and drive better decision-making. We do this by combining our expert consulting capabilities with the power of predictive analytics and data science.

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Helping businesses predict customer behavior to drive growth

business intelligence platforms

Our solutions lead our clients to unprecedented insight into their businesses, helping them replace guesswork with a strategic approach to predict customer behavior, optimize pricing, and accelerate growth.

We combine innovative prescriptive analytics services with our data science & visualization expertise to help organizations find deeper, more actionable insights into their vast data stores.

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Bringing together the best of industry-standard frameworks with agile practices

Our prescriptive analytical framework that drives our work is a blend of the industry-standard CRISP-DM (Cross-Industry Standard Process for Data Mining) and an agile overlay to enable rapid response to market change.

Today’s business environment is more complex, fast-paced, and uncertain than ever before – typical CRISP-DM projects can take months or years to complete. Ascend Analytics has taken the best features of CRISP-DM and made them more responsive to internet-paced market change to create a trusting partnership with our clients.


Ascend Analytics is the best in the industry for a reason


At Ascend Analytics,  our consulting team helps customers create a prescriptive analytical ability using a framework that figures out patterns in your historical information while searching for new opportunities to reduce costs and increase profits.

Our Predictive Analytics consulting team will help you:

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Why choose Ascend Analytics?

Our experienced consultants have deep expertise in prescriptive analytics, helping a range of clients develop actionable insights to build predictive business models and drive operational improvements. We draw on our clients’ existing data, combining it with external sources through best-in-class analytic tools to create models that solve complex problems

We help you become more profitable and competitive

Analyze critical data regarding throttle, fuel, oxygen flow, airflow, and combustion.

We help you achieve operational excellence

Our unique approach allows us to create bespoke actionable insights to drive operational improvements.

We have a demonstrable track record of success

Our clients see results. Results – in the form of revenues, profits, and shareholder value. Our team uses its experience and expertise to make sure you do as well. Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers have to say

Sajid (Ascend’s CEO) is one of those rare individuals who can help you with the big picture thinking and strategy and then roll up their sleeves and implement the entire plan. The thing I liked about Sajid is that the projects we initiate with him get completed with measurable results in time.

Sajid is from the top 1% of the people globally who understand data and how it can help businesses. His vast, multi-sector knowledge enables him to provide valuable contributions to any business vertical.

Another aspect of Sajid that deserves a highlight is his ability to take ownership of the work he is doing. As a consultant, he would spend considerable time in identifying the best and most suitable technology solution for our needs. From taking care of licensing negotiation with the software provider to the final dashboarding, he ends up being a part of your company until you get fully comfortable with the deployment.
syed sair ali ( Ascend Analytics Happy Client)
Syed Sair Ali
CEO, EatMubarak/Blink

Turn your data into opportunities with Ascend Analytics

No matter the question you’re asking, no matter the industry you’re trying to impact, we can help. Ascend Analytics is a data science consulting firm that can help you turn your data into opportunities.

Whether you want to improve customer retention or increase sales conversions, we can help you get there through our combination of expertise and experience with prescriptive analytics consulting.

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