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Ascend Analytics helps you make sense of the infinite amounts of data coming
your way with its Data Analytics Consulting Services. As the modern age’s Big
Data continues to grow exponentially, so do businesses' questions about how
they should apply it in their own markets and industries. Ascend takes away
this unnecessary complication by tailoring its services to suit your company's
specific needs.

71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions

Companies can drive 5-15% increase in revenue by recommending products & personalized communication


Enable Personalized Marketing with Ascend

Despite the unprecedented flow of data and increasing touchpoints, businesses are often unaware of their key performance indicators to develop, launch, & assess different marketing strategies. Analyzing and generating actionable insights from your business data is increasingly essential for businesses to succeed in their marketing campaigns.

Ascend’s Personalized Marketing Services can help you:

Key marketing data can help you understand your target audience and the kind of communication required for engagement. With the right services & tools, you can create personas of your customer base by segmenting & understanding the needs of each segment.

Marketing Communication is an integral part of creating awareness, acquiring customers, converting them into buyers, retaining them, & building brand loyalty. Personalized Marketing can help you gauge customer intent their needs & tailor your communication strategy accordingly to reach the right Key Performance Indicators for your business.

With organizations nowadays spending large proportions of their budget on marketing, investors and stakeholders require a detailed understanding of how the spend is justified. Ascend’s Personalized Marketing services help your firm decode the performance of your campaigns and marketing spend while also giving you the correct data to analyze the result of the campaigns & systems in place.

Use existing customer data and information to enable personalized marketing for your business. Create target audience categories, groups, and demographics under one roof and use personalized marketing to reach customers efficiently.

Market Better with Ascend

Understand Customers Better with Ascend’s Personalized Marketing Services

Understand Customers Better with Ascend’s Personalized Marketing Services

With Ascend, you can easily transform marketing for your business by understanding the needs of your customers on a regular basis. Ascend helps you develop, structure, and analyze customer data that can help you identify buying patterns, trends, loyal customers, and much more. Get access to easy to use dashboards & visualizations for all your marketing needs

With increased customer data coming in, organizations need to streamline their customer profiles & categorize them according to their likings & shared attributes. By doing this, businesses can easily offer personalized content, discounts, promotional offers, and loyalty programs to select customers who fall into a specific category.

Since customers are increasingly demanding personalized communication and customer experience, businesses need to maintain detailed customer profiles to gather all important information required to provide the customer with a superior experience.


With a plethora of data available & customer profiling, business can easily identify customers to be sent personalized content & communication via:

Targeted Emails & Social Media Campaigns

Surprise customers with personalized gifts & coupons via social media & email marketing.

Birthday wishes

Wish customers and offer discounts on their birthdays with personalized automated email & SMS wishes.

Product Recommendations

Send alerts via SMS & Emails about discounts & other items in stock to customers who have purchased previously from the same category or a compatible add/on or product.

Financial Product Offering

Financial institutions & insurance companies can easily target customers who have good credit ratings & scores to boost revenue & offer good deals.

Personalized Discounts & Promo codes

Create personalized codes & discount offers for customers who are loyal & offer loyalty program benefits.

Market Better with Ascend

Grow Any Business with Personalized Marketing

Understand Customers Better

Market Timely

Create Loyal Customers

Increase Efficiency

Increase Return on Marketing Investment

Offer Better Deals for Customers


Businesses can easily expand their revenue and gain competitive advantage by identifying and retaining precious customers & clients. With personalized marketing, customers are:

75% of consumers agreed that they are keen on buying from brands that offer personalized digital experiences.

97% of marketers witnessed a rise in business outcomes as a result of personalization.

51% of marketers assert that personalization across multiple touchpoints increased ROI by 300% and more

Market Better with Ascend