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Smarter Hospitality - Greater Customer Service with Hospitality Analytics

The hospitality industry strives on one crucial factor – customers. Customer satisfaction is at the heart of any successful hospitality industry, regardless of scale & resources.

During COVID, a sharp decline in travel & tourism was noticed throughout the world, with the hospitality industry suffering the most. Organizations and stakeholders drastically reduced workforce & halted plans of expansion to cut down on resources & expenses.

Post COVID, Ascend’s Hospitality Analytics services allows hotel chains, airlines, railway services, tourism agencies and all hospitality related stakeholders to derive huge value from the information & data flooding in with every customer.

Stay ahead of the competition by becoming more adaptive & agile in today’s era of uncertainty & rapidly changing business & travel environments.


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Increase in online revenue seen by hotels which adopted data analytics


Decrease seen in guest complaints by Best Western hotel after introducing analytics in their decision making


Restaurants, hotels, airlines, tourism agencies, and other hospitality industry stakeholders have struggled immensely during the COVID period, making it difficult for them to revive their original standing & revenue generation. 

With Ascend’s Hospitaly Analytics at your disposal, you can use real-time analytics to empower management of your hospitality service and make informed decisions regarding finance, marketing, operations, and customer service.

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Offer Superior Customer Experience

Enable Ascend’s Hospitalilty Analytics and get access to a 360 view of customer information, feedback, and behavioral patterns to derive insights and make informed decisions.

Travel & tourism agencies, restaurants, airports, and hotels can deploy advanced analytics powered by Ascend to optimize their pricing strategies. With Hospitality Analytics enabled,

Harness the power of data by enabling Ascend’s Hospitality Analytics to provide increased personalizations in services to enhance customer experience.

With Ascend, you can deploy tools & solutions that predict the next product or service your customers would like, so that you can provide personalized communication using customer information, trends, and behavioral patterns.

Automate target marketing & personalized communication to improve conversion rates for your booking website, restaurant, hotel, or restaurant/resort.

Predict future trends by taking into account previous feedback & reviews, tailoring your services accordingly and reducing customer churn.

Spot and keep up with new trends & preferences to source new raw materials for your restaurant and hotel and offer that unique experience.

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