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Drive Value From Data in Education with Higher Education Analytics by Ascend Analytics

With Ascend’s Higher Education Analytics consulting, get access to the learnings & insights generated to make informed decisions. Have direct visibility and access to analytics derived from student, instructor, program, institution and education-centric data to drive strategy & boost efficiency. 

Ascend’s Higher Education Analytics helps enable:


Academics Analytics

Make better financial & funding decisions regarding programs & degrees.

Learning Analytics

Use LMS reporting data to identify weak areas & train accordingly.

Predictive Analytics

Use past events to predict future changes & trends in program preference & courses

Data Mining

Use a plethora of data available to identify gaps & make informed decisions.


Ascend’s Higher Education Analytics Consulting empowers all stakeholders to make the most of the data available and make informed decisions in their respective domains.

Gather data & generate insights from:

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Become Data Driven in Higher Education with Ascend’s Consulting Services

Ascend’s Higher Education Analytics consulting is a complete one-stop service to enable and empower your institution to make the most of the data generated by students, instructors, programs, learning management systems, and the campus. Strengthen the fundamentals of your program offerings & institution to enhance the learning experience of both students and faculty, improving retention, absenteeism rates, course effectiveness, and institutional rankings.

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Empower All Stakeholders with Higher Education Analytics Consulting by Ascend



With Ascend’s Higher Education Analytics Consulting, Instructors of all sorts of courses can get access to highly significant course & student performance data. With real-time access to analytics, they can make informed decisions about how to better design the course content, engage students, optimize learning, and understand what works best. Gather critical higher education information such as:

Asend’s Higher Education Analytics Consulting can also enable instructors to make research easier with its advanced pattern recognition & unique analytics approach. Get answers to fundamental questions about research topics & identify factors involved.


Students can also benefit from the plethora of data available for analytics in higher education. With Ascend’s Higher Education Analytics Consulting, students can get access to critical information such as:



Higher Education Analytics is not just beneficial for students & professors, but also for Institutions looking to take advantage of the data available to make education more accessible, engaging, and effective in driving change. Gather and analyze the right data to make informed decisions which directly affect student & faculty performance, leading to better results & higher ranking for your institution. 

Ascend’s Higher Education Analytics Consulting can empower your educational institution to gather insights & actionable information to see how the programs being offered are performing, driving change, and make educated decisions based on real-time accurate data.

Improve Student Engagement

Offer New & Advanced Degree Programs

Decipher Course-Level Data & Improve Learning Outcomes

Make Campus Environment More Learning Inducive

Incorporate Data From Feedback & Reviews

Improve Retention Rates of Students & Faculty

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