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Healthcare is changing. No longer are healthcare providers simply treating patients – they are now actively seeking insights to provide high-quality care and improve outcomes across the lifecycle of care.

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Adopt a data-first mindset with Ascend Analytics

With healthcare costs on the rise and patient outcomes still a major concern, it’s more important than ever to adopt a data-first mindset. The good news is that with Ascend Analytics, you can build the analytics capability to harness the power of data to create actionable insights, improve outcomes, and reduce time to value.

Our healthcare analytics consulting deploys a multifaceted approach including data/information management, predictive modeling and simulation, and knowledge discovery


Harness the power of data to drive value-driven care

Data can be the driving force behind a transformation from a reactive to a proactive healthcare landscape.

Ascend Analytics assists health systems in leveraging their data assets and improving the strategic use of analytics to deliver tangible value. We help our clients to improve the performance of their evidence-based medicine program, by providing the data and analytics they need to transform the health system into one that can deliver evidence-based, patient-centric, and value-driven care.

Data-driven decision making

Ascend Analytics works with clients to uncover the data to make better decisions and deliver on the promise of evidence-based, patient-centric healthcare.

Our healthcare analytics helps organizations of all sizes answer questions that matter through evidence-based data analysis. We provide high-quality analytics consulting services across diverse sectors within the Healthcare industry.


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Stay ahead of the competition

In the competitive landscape that exists today, it is imperative for organizations to incorporate, analyze, and utilize data across the entire continuum of care in order to drive the organizational transformation required to succeed

With a focus on healthcare analytics consulting, we work with our clients to understand their needs, identify their challenges, and deliver custom solutions that support their strategic objectives. We have experience with all phases of healthcare analytics consulting including:

Fine-Tune Your Healthcare Business

Ascend Analytics is an emerging healthcare analytics consulting firm that helps its clients transform their delivery of care by harnessing real-time data. Our specialized teams utilize a growing set of relevant analytical tools to extract actionable insights from large volumes of complex information from big data to small data.

Let us fine-tune your healthcare business with our expertise in healthcare analytics consulting.

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Achieve optimal patient care with Ascend Analytics

We help healthcare organizations implement a data-first mindset to unlock opportunities from patient experience, personalized medicine, and efficiency. Our consulting team delivers comprehensive business intelligence solutions to improve decision making, streamline workflow and integrate data across the enterprise.


Let’s unlock business opportunities together

Ascend Analytics has been helping health systems achieve these goals through its consulting services, which include:

We know what works the best for you

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel—we’ve been there before, so we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ll work with you to create an analytics strategy that fits with your existing systems and processes, so you don’t have to overhaul everything at once.

We’ve got the wizards that can do the data-driven magic for you, so you can focus on what matters most: your patients.


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