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Become a Data-Driven Business with Ascend

Despite the new age of Big Data, visualizations, & highly customizable reporting mechanisms, businesses continue to use traditional methods for extracting, cleaning, & arranging valuable data. Businesses that are still not driven by data or have not incorporated Data Analytics into their core functions are missing out on vital competitive advantages that are integral to survive.

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Data in such organizations are often not fully utilized due to:

Data Analytics, for any business or application, delivers more refined, highly accurate & intelligent actionable insights which foster a culture of data-driven decisions & growth.

Businesses which have enabled data analytics & have become data-driven are:

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Transform Your Business Today

Data Analytics Is a Must & We’ve Got The Numbers To Prove It


Respondents said that data analytics leads to faster & efficient decision making


Respondents said that it improves efficiency & productivity


Respondents said that it enables better financial performance

Why Become Data-Driven?

Truly data-driven organizations gain a competitive advantage over their competitors who view data using traditional methods. Enable your organization to view data differently and unlock the true potential of your business. Use data to empower decision making in all business functions.

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Transform Your Business Today

Use Data Analytics in Business:

Personalize content tailored for your audience by collecting & analyzing data from multiple channels such as retail, physical, e-commerce, q-commerce, and social media.

Gain insights on the customer behavior and offer promotions & discounts based on the trends & patterns.

Improve processes, minimize losses, & save large amounts of money by knowing the right information at the right time.

Make informed decisions based on high accuracy data & react to changes immediately.

Change pricing, inventory levels, procurement levels, and manufacturing by determining the right quantities from actionable data.

Create personas of your customer base by segmenting & understanding the needs of each segment.

Gauge customers' intent & tailor your communication strategy accordingly to reach the right Key Performance Indicators for your business.

Mitigate security threats & potential breaches by always staying up-to-date with vital information. Use Analytics to diagnose & study previous breaches and enable Machine learning to prevent it in the future.

Use statistical models to analyze behavior and react when abnormal changes occur.

Transform Your Business Today

Add Value In Any Industry with Data Analytics

With Ascend’s variety of data and analytics solutions, businesses can grow exponentially and harness the power of data to their advantage.

Change how healthcare organizations view & study illnesses. With the advent of Big Data & advanced tools to visualize and simplify information, healthcare professionals can now leverage data to identify trends, warning signs, onset of pandemics, epidemics, and serious illnesses.

Whether a brick & mortar store or online retail business, use data to your advantage and understand what your customers want. Apply data analytics to predict trends, forecast demand, optimize inventory, and streamline operations to reap the benefits of data.

Harness the power of data by automating processes, gathering data from multiple sources such as sensors within the machineries to monitor the health & efficiency. Make your entire manufacturing line more efficient by gathering the right data and getting actionable insights from it.

Data analytics can easily be utilized within the financial services industry to help organizations trade better, identify fraud quicker, set fairer rates, and offer better financial products to customers. .

Transform the delivery of education by utilizing current data & collect new insights to cater to the changing educational needs. Identify better strategies, adapt with hybrid learning models and online courses, and highlight areas where the education sector needs improvement. All of this can be achieved through integrating Data Analytics within your organization.

Transform Your Business Today