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The Need for Business Analytics and Consulting Services, regardless of the industry, provides businesses with the correct information at the right time to understand what is happening & why it is happening. With Ascend Analytics as your Business Analytics and Consulting Partner, you access the best practices used worldwide to decipher, dissect, & simplify data.


Ascend Analytics offers its partners the ability to:


Reduce the need for laborious data cleaning & compilation and automate real-time reporting.

Make valuable information available to non-technical staff members to ensure access to critical insights for day-to-day business decisions.

Simplify diagnosing & solving problems by determining the internal and external factors that led to a specific gap or loss of revenue.

Use data to detect gaps in the existing processes & figure out pain points for your customers to improve conversion & retention.

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Approach Data Differently

Despite the growth of data sources & abundance of data in today’s organizations, businesses cannot decipher the extracted valuable information. Ascend’s Business Analytics and Consulting Services equip your business with the right skills to gain a competitive advantage in a data-driven world. 

In today’s digital age, Analytics has become increasingly crucial for businesses to compete as it employs various methodologies to make data interpretable:

Use critical historical data to see trends & patterns in customer or product behavior, before your competitors

Identify factors that have led to a loss or crisis on a macro & micro level with granular insights. View cross-functional performance, identify gaps in the current processes and provide all the correct information to the stakeholders.

Predict what happens next, before it occurs. Forecast sales, supply, demand, & growth by studying trends & changes in data, all in real-time. Identify problems before they occur, preventing losses.

Use data & decisions made in the past to influence future planning & strategy based on insights generated.

Become Data-Driven Today

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Ascend Analytics has helped governmental and non-profit organizations to use data in their initiatives better to track the success & performance of their projects. Providing these organizations with real-time visibility of interpretable data.

Gather valuable data for a specified area of Immunization Project:

Unique Children Vaccinate
Total Vaccination Visits
New Unique Visits
Average Vaccinations Per Day

Ascend Analytics Business Analytics and Consulting Services has helped governmental and non-profit organizations to use data in their initiatives better to track the success & performance of their projects. Providing these organizations with real-time visibility of interpretable data.

Vaccinations Above Threshold
Vaccinations Above Threshold
Area Covered
Vaccine Visit Drop-off Rate

Use Geo-Analytics to improve performance:

Active/Inactive Field Staff
Area Covered Per Field Staff
Density of Households for Immunization

Become Data-Driven Today

With E-Commerce & Q-Commerce organizations as partners, Ascend Analytics Business Analytics and Consulting Service has the capability of equipping your organization with all the right tools you need for making informed business decisions and becoming truly data-driven.

With Ascend’s Consulting Services, organizations have streamlined their reporting mechanism by using automation & visualizations to display vital information required for everyday decisions.

Track the performance of your online commerce store or app by visualizing critical data such as

Cash On Delivery or Debit Card Orders
Promo Code Performance
Food Outlet Performance
Time-Based Analysis
User Retention Performance
Conjoined Analysis: What people are ordering with a specific product.
Rejection Report: Why orders were canceled.
SMS Analytics: Conversion Rates & Promotional Campaign Performance
Event Tracking - Total App Logins, Carts Created, Abandoned Carts, & Device Used.
Brand Health Analysis: Repeat Orders, Time Spent Ordering, & Hot-Selling Items
Delivery Analysis: Average Delivery Time, Rider Performance, Best Routes, & Traffic Analysis
Order Analysis: Order Placed Time, Order Dispatch Time, Order Received Time

Get visibility of the most relevant information for your workforce to track employee performance, business performance, and overall satisfaction levels. With Ascend’s Business Analytics and Consulting Services, you can track important information such as

Employee Turnover
Time to hire
Cost To Company Per Hire
Revenue Per Employee
Engagement Rating

Become Data-Driven Today

Business Intelligence - Powered by Ascend Analytics

Ascend’s Business Analytics help organizations become agile by providing them the tools & techniques required to gain business insights. These tools are not just limited to software but involve complex programming & systems implementation to provide the smoothest experience for your business.

Combine & Clean data coming from multiple sources without the hassle to reduce delay in reporting & save on human resource

View valuable data made more straightforward with accessible dashboards displaying essential information required for decision making

Make data accessible for all stakeholders & departments by creating custom reports & visualizations, tailored to functional needs


Become Data-Driven Today