Top Data Analytics Companies in the USA

Complex raw data enters the organization’s system daily but data in its raw form is just futile information. Data analytics act as the game changer by translating data into actionable insights. Replacing the traditional data interpretation methodologies, companies utilize data analytics to drive profitable business decisions and scale growth. 

Top data analytics companies equip businesses with scalable solutions that optimize business performance. With a pool of data analytics companies existing in the market, assessing each one of them is practically impossible. For conveniently choosing the right expertise, take a look at our curated list of the top data analytics companies in the USA.

Data Analytics

The Use of Data Analytics

In this fast-moving world, nobody has the time to figure out what each piece of information predicts. An infinite amount of data bursts into organizations every day but without efficient utilization businesses can never reach quick and insightful decision-making. Data analytics cover a broad spectrum from forecasting and security governance to cost reduction and sales amplification. Without data, analytics businesses would not be able to move past the break-even point, and forget to make profitable decisions. 

Data analytics guide organizations about their strengths and weaknesses to highlight the workable areas. It is crucial to know whether you are putting all your efforts in the right direction or not. Hence, organizations opt for data analytics companies to carry out analysis based on reliable data sets that enables them to enhance their R & D and prompt innovative solutions for business across the globe.

Benefits of Data Analytics for Organizations in the USA

  1. Risk Alleviation

Risk prevention relies on data analytics. When data analytics companies translate data into easy-to-comprehend insights, organizations gain an insight into the external risks and threats that surround them. Every organization is exposed to various risks including data theft, legal compliance, financial management, and competitive threats. Data analytics companies generate insights that aid organizations in risk management. No matter how well-trained your management team is, automation is crucial to avoid any unforeseen situation. Thus, organizations partner with data analytics companies to determine the risks and plan effective methodologies to tackle them.

  1. Streamlined Operations

Are you actually well aware of your customers’ requirements? Meeting the customers’ expectations is the end goal of every business. Businesses direct all their efforts to retain customer loyalty and build a strong customer base. Innovation strategies backed by data analytics provide a narrowed-down view of the customer requirements. It saves organizations from haphazard planning with no real outcomes, thus enabling organizations to align their campaigns and strategies with the market demand.

  1. Enhanced Productivity

Data analytics has revolutionized various industries. Unlike in the past, when organizations counted on human labor to manage data and interpret results, data analytics companies automate the analysis procedure. Unlocking the data patterns through data analysis, data analytics companies create visually appealing graphs and reports to recognize patterns and industrial trends. With the introduction of automation in the business world, the employees can focus on tasks requiring cognitive abilities rather than repetitive procedures. As the output, overall organization productivity is enhanced by adopting data analytics.

Top Data Analytics Companies in the USA

  1. Ascend Analytics

Providing its valuable services to a vast range of industries ranging from financial services and agritech analytics to retail and banking data analytics, Ascend Analytics is a leading analytics company in the USA. Our expert data analytics team fuels your growth by optimizing the collected data. We guarantee to enhance your visibility and boost your growth through our actionable insights.

Sneak peek into our services

  • Al and ML

By merging artificial intelligence and machine learning, we equip you with automated communication and a personalized customer experience. Automated inventory management increases operational efficiency. Organizations can forecast their future sales and demand accurately.

  • Data Analytics

Are you always lagging behind your competitors? Avail Ascend Analytics’ Data Analytics services and drive your business towards growth through insightful reports. Data decentralization often results in mismanagement and does not provide a holistic view of the organizational patterns and external trends. Our data analytics services speed up your decision-making processes, recognize risks and threats, and manage data integrity.

  • Consulting Services

Tired of relying on manual labor to filter data and generate reports? Our consulting data analytics services automate reporting, ease interpretation for non-technical staff, identify complications, and boost customer retention. 

Along with data analytics, Ascend Analytics also provides strategic consultancy services to our valued customers. Currently, our main areas of focus are data science, data visualization, data engineering, and data analytics. Driven by technology and business intelligence, Ascend Analytics generates end-to-end solutions for your business growth and optimization. Unlike other analytics companies in the USA that rely on standardized solutions for every business, we customize our solutions to meet your specific requirements. Choose Ascend Analytics and apply tailored solutions to your business. Enter your details and request a quotation today.

  1. BeyondSoft

With experience comes expertise. Being in the data analytics industry for more than two decades, BeyondSoft is a global provider of IoT, digital transformation, and data analytics services. The services provided by BeyondSoft are segmented into the following categories.

Product Services

  1. Artificial Intelligence
  2. Big Data
  3. IoT

Technology Services

  1. Test Consulting
  2. IT Services
  3. Globalization and Localization
  4. Enterprise Services

By opting for BeyondSoft’s remarkable services, you get a list of data science programs consisting of intelligent optimization, intelligent marketing, and intelligent optimization. BeyondSoft unleashes the data potential stored in unfiltered raw data and translates it into actionable insights. This analytics company aids users to predict Key Performance Indicators and recognize any threats and risks in the environment. It guarantees to never return a customer disappointed by utilizing data analytics to come up with scalable solutions and innovative products. You can rely on BeyondSoft’s data analytics capabilities as it is an award-winning company, the recent one being 2020 TOP100 High-Growth Enterprises in Zhongguancun, Beijing. BeyondSoft charges $150- $199 per hour for its services. For more information and details, contact the team.

3. MissionCloud

Finding all the solutions under one roof is a dream of many organizations in the USA. MissionCloud is on a mission to make it possible for its clients to avail themselves of an end-to-end solution through its platform. This data analytics company builds, manages, and optimizes the cloud environments of an organization.


  1. Managed Services
  2. Microsoft on AWS
  3. Professional Services
  4. Data Analytics and Machine Learning

The data analytics platform guides you at every stage of your data-driven journey. The experts at MissionCloud utilized artificial intelligence and machine learning to meet the customers’ requirements. The data analytics platform offers the following features.

  • Data transformation- Provides actionable insights without affecting the data speed
  • Algorithm application- Results in a well-informed decision-making 
  • Data pipeline upgrade- Guarantees quality assurance and optimization
  • Machine learning optimization- Drives organizations towards growth and profitability

From providing experts and resources to generating actionable insights, every aspect of data analytics is managed by MissionCloud. This data analytics platform utilizes cloud-based technology to scale and excel your business operations. It is comparatively expensive and costs $200- $300 per hour and $10,000+ per project. Contact the team for more details.

4. ScienceSoft

Sciencesoft has been equipping businesses with digital solutions since 1989. Fueling business growth through data analytics, Sciencesoft drives businesses towards growth and streamlines their day-to-day operations efficiently. The data analytics services offered by ScienceSoft collect, filter, analyze and report data for its clients. Some of the core offerings of the data analytics services are as follows.

  • Analytics consulting
  • Data analysis
  • Management analytics
  • Data management
  • Data warehousing
  • Big data analytics

Along with this, it offers comprehensive data visualization and automated reporting as well. Sciencesoft is known for its data centralization as it gathers data from multiple sources and centralizes it on a single platform to generate actionable data analytics reports. 

Some of the types of Data Analytics services by Sciencesoft

  1.  Financial analytics provides businesses with an insight into their financial performance, future forecasting, and profitability analysis
  2. Customer analytics categorizes sales to implement targeted marketing techniques. It also predicts customer behavior and mitigates risk.
  3. HR analytics is useful to keep track of employee performance and satisfaction.
  4. Supply chain analytics identifies product demand and supplier performance. Organizations can maintain an optimal inventory level by using supply chain analytics.
  5. Asset Analytics keeps a record of the assets of an organization in real-time. You can forecast future trends and plan your asset investments accordingly.

It costs $40-$70 per hour. For more information, click here.


Translate your raw data into actionable insights through It is a US-based data analytics company that can transform your data warehouse into a data platform that generates insights to drive businesses towards growth and profitability. The solutions are offered to the healthcare, SaaS, e-commerce, media and entertainment, travel, and e-learning industries. Businesses that opt for’s solutions can avail the following features

  • Get a 360-degree understanding of the customer data.
  • Ensure customer data security and integrity.
  • Fast data entry to access relevant insights.
  • Implement business intelligence tools to make data-based decisions.
  • Data movement between data warehouses to business intelligence tools and CRM systems.

You can contact the team at and +1-888-884-6405. Avail of the seven-day free trial version before you request the product subscription.

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