Data management consultant can increase data quality, access, and security, and many firms appreciate the importance of the people behind those innovations.

To keep up with the rising infrastructure and demands for enterprise data, the data management consulting market is developing swiftly and diversifying in the face of new needs. Data architects and engineers are the people who know how to handle the most complicated data sets. 

A data management consultant also plays an important part in resolving client issues by developing and executing algorithms that form the basis of technical solutions.

According to Expert Industry Research, the data management market reached an estimated value of $73.1 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach over $150.6 billion by 2027.

Let’s talk about your career path now that we have a frame of reference for the industry, an understanding of the different sorts of consulting firms that make up the industry, and a concept of unit economics.

What exactly does a career as a data management consultant entail? We’ll discuss how to start a consulting career, job descriptions, a general schedule for career advancement, and, of course, the pay scales and benefits consultants frequently receive.

Let’s jump in!

What Is a Data Consultant?


 A person who analyzes and describes a company’s data management procedures is known as a data consultant, also referred to as a system consultant. The job entails advising customers or businesses on numerous data and contemporary technology-related topics.

Data management consulting helps clients develop their data competency and analytic abilities while developing plans to boost their company’s productivity. They frequently create and maintain spreadsheets, data flows, and databases to accomplish this.

Types of Data Consultants

Data Scientists

To create actionable plans for corporations and other organizations, data scientists evaluate, process, and model data strategy consulting before interpreting their findings.

Data Architect

Designing the framework for data management systems is the responsibility of data architects. They are responsible for identifying the company’s internal and external data sources and creating plans for their integration, centralized management, and security. As a result, workers have ready access to vital information.

Senior Consultant

Senior consultants advise business executives and leaders on enhancing their entire business model, customer or employee interactions, and other business activities.

Data Management Consultants

Taking on data management consulting responsibilities is another typical career path for a data management analyst. Starting as a data analyst, you may eventually work your way up to senior analyst, analysis manager, director of analytics, or even chief data officer (CDO).

If you’re thinking about going down this road, you should concentrate on honing your data and leadership skills at the same time. A master’s degree in data analytics or business administration with an emphasis on data strategy consulting may be necessary for some organizations to qualify for these higher-level positions.

What Does a Data Consultant Do?

Data Identification

A data consultant is in charge of gathering the information required for a business to succeed. They determine the most effective ways to locate the information needed to boost a business’ production.

Data Analysis

A data consultant creates research plans for data collection and analysis. They then analyze the data collected to provide reports and make strategic decisions to enhance a company’s business operations and productivity.

Maintains Several Databases

Data consultants create databases depending on the requirements of a firm and then work to keep them updated and properly managed for the company’s smooth operation.

Important Data Consulting Skills

Data Analysis Tools


An essential technical skill for a competent data consultant is understanding databases and data analysis programs like Ascend Analytics, SAS, and KNIME. They must be adept at writing programming queries and procedures, stay current on IT developments, and provide insightful analysis.

Ascend Analytics can assist your company in utilizing vital digital data to implement business solutions. Whether you want to improve customer experience, design your products and services, or cut expenses, we can boost your business’s bottom line as a data and analytics consulting firm with cross-industry experience.

Data Visualization Tools

A data management analyst must be proficient with data visualization software like Tableau. These will enable a data consultant to produce reports and presentations that convey concepts to clients successfully.

Programming Languages

Since they help resolve complicated data issues, a data consultant should have practical knowledge of computer languages like SQL, Python, R, and JavaScript.

Educational Requirements for Data Management Consultants

Get A Degree


For a more in-depth understanding, you can pursue a degree in computer science, mathematics, economics, or statistics at the university level. Most companies regard a bachelor’s degree as the minimum need for entry-level positions as a data consultant.

Instead of earning a bachelor’s degree, you have other options. A coding boot camp can help you learn the same relevant skills in a shorter period of time. 

Bootcamps can be completed in a matter of months and are far less expensive than traditional education. While a bachelor’s degree typically takes four years to complete, there are alternatives like online programs and vocational colleges.

Get Experience

As a college student; you should consider applying for tech apprenticeships and internships to obtain relevant experience and hands-on training in a particular industry. Employers will see this as a sign that you are ready to work.

Earn Certifications


As a professional, having certifications that demonstrate your expertise is important. Employers will value your skills more if you have relevant certificates; thus, getting them will help you progress in your career.

Such as

Data Consultant Career Paths

Your specific job’s career path could also be useful to consider in your hunt for employment. Do you want to know what a professional path is? It’s like a road plan that outlines how you can go up the ranks from one position to another. 

Many data advisory and management experts work for government organizations, scientific and technology consulting companies, and insurance corporations. There isn’t a one-size-fits-all path to success for those who want to work as database management consultants.



-Team Leader

-Project Manager

-Contract Project Manager


-Senior Consultant

-Project Manager

-Service Delivery Manager


-Project Manager

-Information Technology Project Manager

-Senior Information Technology Manager



-Information Technology Manager

-Information Technology Operations Manager



-Production Manager

-Technical Manager


-Solutions Architect

-Senior Project Manager

-Director Of Software Development


Analyst / Associate2 – 3$60K – $100KAnalysisSlide building
Consultant1 – 3$150K – $200KAnalysisSlide buildingLeading work streams
Project Leader1 – 3$200K – $300KTeam managementClient managementOwning multiple work streams

Should I Become a Data Management Consultant in 2022?

 There is an increased need for particular sorts of data management consultants, which means more job openings and higher salaries for those who apply. Data architects are increasingly sought after by companies as they seek to improve their approach to data management. These people and solutions all need data architects at the heart of what they do and how they do it. Due to a scarcity of qualified candidates, data architects should anticipate increasing employment opportunities.

As a 2022 college graduate, you should major in data analysis to work with companies on data advisory-related issues and ensure corporate operations function properly. Additionally, it’s a terrific career choice because it offers a wide range of work options, a higher compensation, and several prospects for personal and professional advancement.

Final Thoughts

By selecting the appropriate tool, data management consultants can help client businesses by offering crucial and timely insights about their business and operational performance.

Ascend Analytics serves clients in various industries with a focus on data and artificial intelligence for business intelligence. To aid your business in whatever way possible, whether it is to improve customer experience, cut expenses, or shape products and services.

To help consultants find process transformation opportunities, consultants can use data analytics and business analytics to acquire an accurate picture of the business’s environment, detect trends in the firm’s data, and make forecasts using these trends. When you choose Ascend, you’ll be taking your business to the next level!


Can You Become a Data Consultant Without a Degree?

If you can find other means to acquire the essential skills, including signing up for a coding boot camp, you can work as a data consultant without having a degree. You can take an educational path that does not require a four-year bachelor’s degree, even though you cannot begin a career without any kind of schooling.

Where Does a Data Consultant Work?

Data management analysts operate in various industries where data analysis is necessary to ensure a company operates at its best. They are employed by enterprises across several sectors, including retail and financial.

Is It Hard to Become a Data Consultant?

Being a data consultant is not difficult if you are ready to put in the necessary effort. Acquire an education, gain a degree, sign up for an apprenticeship or internship, and get certifications. If you succeed in doing all of this, you can easily begin a rewarding job.

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