The transformation of businesses from mass advertising campaigns to customized marketing service has been tremendously witnessed in the past few years. According to Salesforce, 66% of customers expect brands to be aware of their requirements and expectations. With the competition being at an all-time high, businesses are constantly integrating personalization into every touchpoint.

Are you able to make your customers feel at home? Rather than customizing every message by changing the customer name, personalization covers a vast domain of processes that differentiate your buyer’s shopping experience from the competition. 

With hundreds of brand emails and text messages that directly go into the spam section, businesses are unaware of customized marketing. It’s high time brands gain a deep insight into customized marketing and its uses to stay ahead of the competition.

The Current Marketing Scenario

Clearing your email inbox from the thousands of emails received by brands every day can be a cumbersome task. Have you ever opened such emails before discarding them into the trash bin? In today’s fast-paced world, nobody has the time to go through emails that entail a similar message for every customer. 

Just as the popular saying goes: “A friend to all is a friend to none”, a marketing campaign aimed at every customer generates the desired response from none of them. Customer expectations have hit an all-time high and they expect brands to understand their specific requirements and surpass them. Unfortunately, most businesses fall prey to mass marketing strategies and go haywire while addressing their customers. 

While businesses try to cope with the evolving adoption of customized marketing, they are still far behind in their efforts. At most, businesses believe in sending out emails and texts by gathering customer information at the checkout counter, but do they actually know these messages often end up in the spam section or trash bin? 

Customers prefer opting for businesses that segment them according to their differences rather than putting them all in the same mold. With the surge in customized marketing, customers’ inclination towards businesses that offer a tailored experience is increasing with every passing day. 

No customer would want to opt for a brand that facilitates every customer with a similar set of services as such brands offer little to no value. Personalized marketing is essential for businesses to create a unique experience for every customer.

The Rise of Customized Marketing


What is Personalized Marketing?

Just as one size does not fit all, an undifferentiated experience does not satisfy all customers. To make an impact on your customer’s shopping experience, businesses should tailor marketing strategies to deliver a personified experience. Personalized marketing solution refers to the customization of marketing strategies to meet each individual’s requirements. Each marketing strategy flows in a specific direction and targets a certain customer segment. When businesses connect with customers on an individual basis, the customer experience enhances twofold.

Revolutionizing Customer Experience

As a business that is operating globally or locally, it is not humanly possible to communicate with every employee and gather data to customize their future experiences. This is where data analytics enters the picture. Artificial intelligence and data analytics are on their way to revamping marketing strategies and we could not be more grateful for that. 

Whether you think from a buyer’s or seller’s perspective, artificial intelligence, and data analytics power marketing processes to scale business growth and enhance customer experience.

Are you a business owner looking to cater to customers all around the world on an individualized basis? Sign up for Ascend Analytics’ personalized marketing services and witness how we revamp your marketing strategy through data analytics. With heaps of data entering into a business system on an everyday basis, we translate it into actionable insights that illuminate the way for your next marketing strategies. 

By collecting customer data and running an in-depth analysis, we create customer profiles to equip businesses with the right communication channel to engage with a particular segment of customers. Partner with Ascend Analytics today to fuel your business growth.

Ways to Personalize Marketing Strategies

1. Access Data

Only when you know your customers inside out, you can come up with an effective personalization marketing strategy. While that is entirely true, gaining access to customer data without transcending your boundaries is important to maintain customer trust. Create a customer profile by gathering feedback and asking questions from time to time. 

Ascend Analytics enables you to create customer personas without making you sound creepy in front of the customer. We generate actionable reports by analyzing buying behavior, shopping history, and market trends to aid business decisions. Once you partner with Ascend Analytics, all your customer data would be at your fingertips.

2. Classify Customers

While personalization caters to every customer on an individual basis, it is best to classify customers based on their attributes, buying habits, feedback, and reviews. Once you segment customers by analyzing their shared traits, generating a personalized marketing strategy becomes a smooth process. 

A personalized marketing campaign is only effective when it leaves an ever-lasting impression on the customer’s mind and we are here to enable such impactful strategies. 

Ascend Analytics relieves you of the burden of segmenting customers and divides your customers into sections by data gathered in the first stage. We enable businesses to create personalized emails, design effective promotional strategies, and offer loyalty programs relevant to a particular customer segment. You focus on what you do best- selling! 

3. Forecast Future Trends

What if you gain access to a crystal ball that reflects your future? Knowing where you stand in the near future directs your marketing efforts in the right direction. By predicting future trends and possibilities, businesses can personalize their marketing strategies to meet the evolving expectations of customers and data analytics in financial services becomes the businesses’ rescue. Most businesses have become risk-averse, and rightly so. You cannot afford to exhaust your financial resources in such unstable times, thus by opting for our predictive analytics consulting you can make accurate forecasts about the changing trends and tailor your marketing strategies to stay ahead of the competition. See trends before they happen and choose your course of action.

Personalized Marketing Uses

Here’s a brief list of personalized marketing uses to keep you updated with today’s business world.

1. Increased Competitive Advantage

What can set you apart from your competition? To thrive in today’s cutthroat competition, every business needs to move beyond the product. The first step to grabbing a customer’s attention is to refer to them in your marketing campaigns. Personalized marketing services benefits businesses to gain a competitive advantage over competitors. 

Your target market should feel valued by your brand rather than being a victim of mass marketing campaigns and deceptive selling practices. While it is not humanly possible to address every customer in a single campaign, Ascend Analytics segments users into segments to facilitate effective marketing strategies.

Through our data analytics consulting services, businesses translate silos of data into actionable reports. Once translated into insights, they enable a business to design communication and marketing strategies for upcoming products or services.

2. Improved Business Operations

Without knowing your shortcomings, you can never escape mediocrity. Today, businesses are on a constant mission to stay on top of their game but often fail to gather accurate customer feedback. No customer has the time to fill out long surveys regarding your services and products but most of them would not mind sparing a few minutes when addressed on a personal level. 

Personalized marketing benefits businesses to gather customer feedback that can be utilized to improve their operations. By offering personalized discount vouchers or promotional discounts, you can always gain access to honest feedback from your customers. 

Customer feedback analytics consultants leverages such customer data for mining user behavior to identify problems in their experience through user behavior analytics. Once you identify the hindrances in your way, removing them won’t remain an impossible task anymore.

3. Expanded Customer Base

Customers who provide personal information to businesses expect them to translate the information into tailored services. When a customer places their trust in your products, it is your responsibility to live up to their expectations and design a frictionless personalized experience for every customer. Satisfied customers bridge the gap between you and your potential customers and promote your brand in their social circles without asking for anything in return. 

Always remember that positive word-of-mouth is the most impactful marketing strategy. Deliver personalized marketing messages and witness your customer network expanding in no time. Consult Ascend Analytics for personalized marketing services to reach out to the right customers at the right time. 

4. Greater Customer Retention

One of the top benefits of personalized marketing is customer retention. When businesses have updated customer information at their fingertips, they come up with targeted campaigns and relevant promotional strategies to maintain customer loyalty. Always send targeted emails and messages by specifying the customers and boosting your customer retention by delivering relevant product recommendations. Customers that feel at home when they enter your outlet are more likely to stay loyal than those who feel alienated by your services.

Ascend Analytics acknowledges that customer acquisition is costly, so existing customers should always be a business’s top priority. We personalize communication at every touchpoint through our data-based customer profiles and leverage predictive analytics to forecast future trends based on the current customer retention rate.

Reach out to Ascend Analytics today and unlock your true potential through our data-driven marketing services. Gain brand visibility and stay ahead of the competition by signing up for our tailored services.

Request for proposal and see how we leverage data to instill personalization at every step of your business operations.

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