For businesses, BI software is meant to do the heavy lifting of collecting and processing raw data into something valuable. So instead of waiting for the next report to see the newest stats, you’ll be able to make data-driven decisions in real-time. Business intelligence tools for retail make it easier for businesses to estimate growth and revenue and understand more about their consumers by gathering and compiling data.

A business intelligence strategy by itself is unable to process and combine all of the data into manageable chunks. When dealing with large amounts of raw data, it can be difficult to keep track of all of the procedures. Modern problems necessitate answers, which is why cutting-edge business intelligence tools are used to meet these urgent needs.

For a business to be successful in the retail market, it must focus on several essential areas, including supplier collaboration and return policies, thorough returns procedures, the supply chain structure, item disposition, and analytics.

Stock availability, sales rates, overhead costs, marketing strategy, and so on are just a few of the many aspects of each focal area.

Retail businesses are increasingly using Business intelligence tools for retail to enhance their decision-making and operational and financial performance.

This article will highlight the most commonly used Business intelligence tools for retail in the market and the advantages they bring to the businesses they are integrated into.

What are Business Intelligence Tools?

An organization’s data can be navigated using business intelligence tools and software assistance specifically designed for this purpose. 

They identify, evaluate and assemble real-time and historical data to provide understandable reports to the end user. To make well-informed judgments, these reports provide businesses with information on their problems, previous processes, and potential future developments.

 It is impossible for traditional management systems to process such massive amounts of data and provide insightful information.

Best Business Intelligence Tools For Retail

  • Ascend Analytics – The best retail analytics software
  • Domo – The best BI tools for developing custom projects
  • Tableau Software – The best BI software for the majority of business types
  • Sisense – The best business intelligence software for data analysts, developers, and engineers
  • SAS– The best BI tool for customer service
  • SAP BusinessObjects – The best BI tools for expanding enterprises
  • Microsoft Power BI – The best affordable business intelligence software

Ascend Analytics


Analyzing data from several sources at once can be a time-consuming and resource-intensive task. Competition from online businesses and other shops using business intelligence tools for retail to remain ahead of the curve is increasing for retailers today.

Ascend Retail Analytics allows you to use the right data to drive growth. Customers, products, stores, and locations benefit from Ascend Retail Analytics’ ability to help retailers obtain the correct data.

Here are just a few of their specific features:

  • By figuring out where the profit is, you can increase sales.
  • Reduce losses by reducing risks & stocking waste
  • Studying consumer data and feedback will help you comprehend customer needs.
  • Viewing the products that sell the most during a particular season will help optimize your product portfolio.
  • Identifying gaps and improving processes increase supply chain efficiency.
  • Focus on regions and places with considerable foot traffic and reach to broaden geographically
  • Gathering client feedback and running in-person and online retention initiatives will improve the customer experience.

You can equip your retail firm with all the necessary tools with Ascend’s Retail Analytics Services.

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Embedded analytics and mobile app development are included in Domo’s comprehensive suite o business intelligence tools for retail, including data visualization, integration, science, and transformation.

By harnessing the power of your data, Domo helps build personalized apps for your employees, customers, and partners.

Make the most of Domo’s built-in security and data governance infrastructure. A third-party vendor will not be required to supply you with additional hardware or storage.

To get an estimate for this reporting business intelligence tool, you’ll need to speak with a representative from the company’s sales department. You can, however, test it out for free.

Tableau Software

Business intelligence tools for retail, Tableau is one of a kind.  As a matter of fact, they have BI tools for any sort of organization and their specific needs.

Tableau Desktop, Tableau Server, and Tableau Online are the three main distribution methods for the company’s analytic software product range. Tableau can be used on-premises or in the cloud and can access hundreds of different data sources.

Tableau has a solution for everyone, from a single analyst to a huge enterprise and everything in between.

Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned pro in deploying and managing a Tableau solution at scale doesn’t matter.

There are various roles inside an organization, and each requires access to a different data set. Your employees will benefit from the variety of responsibilities they play. Tableau Public is a free version of open-source business intelligence tools.

Their specific feature set includes the following:

  • Analytics for sales and the supply chain
  • Finance and HR analytics
  • Analytics for marketing
  • Support and service analytics are the subject of IT analytics.



Sisense is a single-stack solution with a back-end for data preparation and modeling. A dashboard and visualization front-end is also included as part of the system’s extensive analytical capabilities.

Developers, data engineers, and business analysts can benefit from Sisense’s BI Tools, business intelligence reporting tool tailored to their needs.

Various departments within an organization can use tools and analytics tailored to them. For example, finance, IT, sales, marketing, operations & logistics, and human resources are just some of the departments that fall under this umbrella.

Sisense has everything you need for developers, engineers, and other tech-savvy business people. There’s little doubt that it’s not for the typical user.

Sisense BI’s pricing information isn’t readily available on the company’s website. Get a free personalized quote by contacting them today.


Regarding Business intelligence tools for retail, SAS has several options to choose from.

  • SAS for Business 
  • SAS Office Analytics
  • SAS  Visual Analytics

The point-and-click Windows interface of the corporate version makes it simple to perform data analysis and publish the results. Using visual analytics software is a self-service method for discovering visual information. For Microsoft Office, Office analytics is designed to enhance your existing data.

SAS reporting business intelligence tool distinguishes itself from the rest of the pack because of its outstanding customer service. SAS is here to serve those of you who are looking for aid and direction.

They have access to a vast library of information for self-help in the event of an issue. As an alternative, SAS may provide various services, including technical support, consulting, and licensing assistance.

SAP BusinessObjects

sap-analytics-cloud-logo Business Intelligence Tools For Retail

In terms of business intelligence, SAP BusinessObjects is a one-stop shop. It is aimed to make data consumption as easy, tailored, and dynamic as possible.

It makes no difference how many people you have using SAP BusinessObjects when it’s deployed on-premises. For firms that are experiencing rapid growth, its adaptable architecture and broad set of business intelligence tools for retail are a great fit.

SAP BusinessObjects can be used to analyze huge datasets at scale by integrating with Microsoft Office. Real-time analytics will also help you.

There is no doubt that SAP BusinessObjects is aimed at more advanced users and those with more demanding requirements. A novice or small-business owner may find this tool overwhelming.

SAP BusinessObjects pricing information isn’t available on the company’s website. To obtain a price quote, you’ll have to contact them directly.

Microsoft Power BI

powerBI Business Intelligence Tools For Retail

Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium are Microsoft’s two open-source business intelligence tools.

The business version of Power BI is called Power BI Premium. Microsoft does not provide pricing information on its website, but it is expensive. If you’re looking for an affordable option, you’ll have to shell out at least $5,000 a month. For this review, we’ll stick with the Power BI Pro version, which is the more affordable option.

It’s still an excellent piece of software. Anyone can easily share and collaborate using interactive data visualizations for self-service analytics.

Even when you export your data, Microsoft ensures it is safe and compliant.

The software allows you to use smart tools to gain insights into your company, departments, and customers.


Regarding increasing profits, retailers are always looking for new ways to differentiate themselves from the competition. The most popular and effective business intelligence tools for retail to achieve this goal include OLAP, reporting, data mining, dashboards, and predictive analytics. 

These benefit retailers’ long-term growth and development since they assist them in expanding.

The most effective BI Tools, business intelligence reporting tools are the ones we’ve already covered above, so get familiar with them now. In the meantime, you can learn the basics of business intelligence (BI) with a user-friendly application. An ideal combination for acquiring the skills needed to succeed in today’s market.

Even though retail businesses receive data from a wide range of sources, many of these sources are not interconnected with one another. As a result, it takes longer to compile data, create reports, and make business judgments. 

Using Ascend’s Retail Analytics, you can aggregate data from many sources, such as e-commerce and social media.

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