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Business intelligence guided by AI is the new wave in business research. Companies are looking to get ahead in the competition. Even academic researchers are utilizing data analysis software to handle huge amounts of data. Qualitative data analysis is now an integral part of research and even for business decision making in 2022. There are a plethora of the best qualitative data analysis software. 

Business leaders are looking to understand the market better through thorough research, arranging their data sets and then creating actionable insights to make informed decisions. Business research and qualitative data analysis sit at the center of how organizations make decisions. 

Having to deal with huge amounts of data can be challenging for any business. For this reason, companies are always looking for the best qualitative data analysis software to help them manage their raw information. There are different formats, tools and usage for each software. Before moving onto the best qualitative data analysis software, it is important to understand what qualitative data analysis is and how businesses are using this tool to develop more efficient business processes.

Understanding qualitative data analysis:

Qualitative data analysis allows businesses to examine and interpret patterns by arranging datasets in understandable form. This involves content, framework and discourse and narrative analysis. Other forms of data analysis includes longitudinal studies, record keeping, observations, and case studies. 

Qualitative data analysis software is usually used by analytics consulting firms to help businesses make better and informed decisions. When it comes, data analytics with agencies like Ascend Analytics offer businesses with impressionable data visualizations after performing data mining. 

The 10 best qualitative data analysis software: 

All in all, qualitative data analysis manages large amounts of data and data analysts organize these sets for actionable insights. The best qualitative data analysis software is used in many sectors like ecommerce, marketing, healthcare, and research areas of different fields.  


NVivo is designed to analyze unstructured data and align it into structured form. This includes social media, interviews, questionnaires, and Web content. When it comes to qualitative data analysis, NVivo is ideal for relationship coding I.e. understanding the correlation between two data sets or factors. This software also helps create comparison forms for better insight into the data analysis. 

According to reviews from expert data analysts, NVivo is a software packed with rich features and does not require prior research. This qualitative data analysis tool supports all forms of inputs like texts, audio, video files etc. NVivo is designed for research consultants who want to code interviews, focus groups etc. Although some users have faced some compatibility issues and some have shown concerns about the prices,NVivo still outweighs in terms of its pros. 


ATLAS.ti is designed to reveal meaning and create correlations between data sets. It has a powerful query editor, allows convenient data import from social media sites, Endnote, and Evernote. Moreover, it provides users with useful network layout options and forms network groups automatically. Its user interface is known for its flexibility where users can view tabbed views and navigate easily.

Data analysts and experts in qualitative data analysis who have reviewed ATLAS.ti say that it is flexible in nature as it supports different workflows. This makes it a strong contender among the best qualitative data analysis software. 

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons mentioned in ATLAS.ti product reviews from industry experts:

  • Support of various entities like memos, notes, etc. 
  • Sophisticated design as compared to other competitors. 
  • Addition of new features like sentiment analysis make it more efficient. 
  • Better visualization of coded data.

Provalis Research Text Analytics Software

Provalis research text analytics software is an ideal choice among the best qualitative data analysis software for media framing, analysis of open ended questions, brand image analysis, social media interactions, etc. It has multi-level tools which includes SimStat, WordStat, and QDA Miner. Data analysts and consulting firms with clients who want to conduct predictive analysis of consumer behavior on their social media. 

From content analysis, text mining tools with strong visualization tools to automated classification of content into categories, their Wordstat tool is ideal for data analysis. 

On the other hand, QDA Miner is qualitative data analysis software which allows data to be imported from multiple sources, adds time related codes and identifies patterns within the data. 

Its ProSuite tool is the complete collection of all of its tools making it ideal for streamlining different and complex forms of data analysis. 

According to PAT Research, Provalis Research offers full customization support to develop customized solutions. Moreover, promising product reviews show that WordStat offers satisfactory results for analysts who want easy to use software for customization of their extracted data. 


Quirkos is another great option among the best qualitative data analysis software that makes codes and patterns more intuitive. It is compatible for all operating systems and offers subscription plans. Its salient features include visualized interface, quick trends formation, and better affordability as compared to other data analysis softwares. Many data analysts and reviewers have reviewed Quirkos as a software with a lot of potential. Majority of the GetApp reviews have praised Quirkos for its color coded visualization and labeling. 


MAXQDA is ideal for users who want to analyze all forms of data from images, audio/video files, literature, interviews, tables, reports, to survey responses. Used on Mac and Windows, MAXQDA offers easy to use analytical tools which has made the process of organizing and categorizing data simpler especially bibliographic data. 

Data analysts usually work with this qualitative data analysis software to write literature reviews. According to G2 reviews, this research tool is helpful for organizing data gathered from different sources and combining them in a coherent form. Other pros of using MAXQDA include its intuitive design and easy to use matrix and coding tools. 


Dedoose is designed as a cross platform application to analyze different forms of data including texts, photos, audio, video, etc. What sets this qualitative analysis software apart from other is its impeccable customer support, accessibility, easy to collaborate with other team members, visualizations, analytics, and support for all languages. Moreover, Dedoose supports export and import of your entire data set along with advanced data security tools. 

It is widely used for healthcare, social science, psychologists, market researchers, sociologists, and academia. Recommended as one of the best tools for qualitative data in reviews, Dedoose is used when data analysts want to analyze huge volumes of data. One of the pros of this qualitative data analysis software is its suitability for both businesses and the scientific community alike. 

However, it might be said that this software requires some learning curve, its affordability is still a win over other qualitative data analysis software. 

Raven’s Eye

Raven’s Eye is a powerful and dynamic tool for online natural language analysis. This software has tools for producing themes and models to generate powerful insights in order to explain the messages and meaning of the data. It utilizes Quantitative Phenomenology in order to process large datasets to understand and analyze it in natural language. 

This software is the replacement of transcription processes which take painstakingly long for researchers to decode. 

Majority of the reviews published by PAT Research show how Raven has made understanding people’s thoughts easier, changing themes in the text, and speaking to people in another language. Raven’s Eye is empowering companies to communicate without the hassle of manually transcribing information. 


Qiqqa is used by academic experts and researchers for managing references. With the help of tools, one can easily create bibliographies as well. This free data analysis tool is ideal for managing huge libraries of PDFs and data. The built-in PDF reader also makes it easier for authors to annotate, highlight, cite references and then create bibliographies from there. As per researcher’s reviews, this qualitative data analysis software has streamlined the process of adding bibliographies, citation and references. 


WebQDA is another qualitative data analysis tools with features including: easy import of huge files, unstructured and non numeric data, intuitive interface and ease of collaboration. It offers synchronous and asynchronous collaboration. When it comes to data, WebQDA supports audio, video, text files, and images. 

Capterra Reviews  have shown how data analysts and researchers are utilizing the impeccable features of this software. This software allows a better view of the coding process with a flexible coding scheme. Cross data analysis with better visualization enables smooth annotating process. 


HyperRESEARCH is another promising qualitative data analysis software known for its easy to use interface, easy coding process, and cross platform capabilities. It supports phenomenology, ethnography, and multiple-case studies. 

Users can access this software across Mac and Windows. It automatically codes source material including images, audio, video and PFDs. After data entering, it has flexible code relationship functions where memos can also be added. Later, data analysis and visualization is performed, creating a data summary. Researchers can then test their hypothesis against their model and then track the code relationships to extract results. 

According to researcher’s reviews, users are pleased with the affordability, user friendly interface, and trustworthy customer service. 

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