Without reaching out to the right customer at the right time, an effective product or service design remains of little or no value. Today, businesses not only need to create the right product but should deliver a customized experience to the customer to boost the return on their investment and sales.

70% of marketers that focus on advanced personalization witnessed an increase in their ROI by 200%. A marketing strategy that pays off with such a dramatic return to the business surely deserves to be implemented. Gone are the days when businesses could only incorporate the customer’s name in an email and get done with their personalization duties. 

Providing customized marketing services is a complex process that leverages analytics to boost overall customer satisfaction. Let’s explore the benefits of personalized marketing and why your business needs to integrate customized marketing services in its upcoming marketing strategies and how Ascend Analytics is taking personalization to the next level.

An Insightful Guide to Personalized Marketing

What is Personalized Marketing all About?

How often do you remember a brand that treated you as an individual rather than a sales prospect? With thousands of incoming emails and messages, customers are more likely to opt for businesses that put in effort and dedication to their marketing strategies. A customized marketing strategy is a brand’s chance to connect with the customers by tailoring marketing services according to customer data.

While businesses receive heaps of customer data at every customer touch-point, most of them fail to leverage it to provide customized marketing services. Why is it a complex process? Customization encompasses much more than just remembering customer data and information. With the worldwide adoption of data analytics, customers expect businesses to offer a tailor-made experience rather than a one size fits all approach. Customized marketing services focus on the respective customer’s buying behavior, shopping history, and product preferences. 

As a business owner, it becomes impossible to resonate with customers on an individual level at times, but automation has significantly simplified the whole process. Today, every brand can integrate data analytics into their marketing strategies to add a tinge of personalization to the overall customer experience. Businesses that opted for Ascend Analytics personalized marketing services witnessed a 25-95% boost in their profits. If you are stuck in the survival stage till now, it is time to avail of our services and increase your sales and profits substantially. We aim to deliver a customer experience that goes beyond your brand’s front door.

Benefits of Personalized Marketing Strategies You Shouldn’t Miss

Enhanced Customer Experience


How many times have you abandoned a product or service only because the brand was not acknowledging your feedback or requirements? We have all been there more than enough times in our lives. Responding to a customer’s cues and feedback at the right time can take your business to places. So, when it comes to developing your own business’ marketing strategy, it is crucial to adapt to data analytics technology that interprets customer information better than ever before. 

Brands that leverage customer data to personalize their products and services boost the overall customer experience. When brands have accurate knowledge of a customer’s current mood, preferences, and feedback, they can recommend relevant products. With a vast data analytics portfolio, Ascend Analytics mines user behavior using user behavior analytics to identify any discrepancies in customer experience. Work on our feedback and offer a smooth customer experience to every visitor by personalizing your marketing strategies as per the customer preferences and feedback. 

Greater Sales 

Rather than making haywire decisions and being all over the place, businesses should follow a streamlined targeted marketing strategy. Brands that direct their marketing efforts in the right direction can boost their sales in no time. When brands are aware of the channels and strategies that leave an ever-lasting impression on the customer’s mind, they can put their efforts in the right place. 

Depending on your product and service offerings, your target market’s choice of social media platforms and engagement rate vary. Ascend Analytics analyzes your customer’s behavior across various channels including emails, websites, and social media platforms to facilitate targeted marketing. 

Once you can direct your marketing strategies towards the right platform, your brand visibility increases amongst the customers. Buying products from a brand that meets your expectations in the marketing strategy is a safe option as businesses that pay attention to customer preferences before the sale takes place guarantee high-quality products that resonate with the customer’s preferences. 

Higher Customer Retention


Consistently updating your marketing strategies and product offerings according to customers’ evolving needs paves the way to success for a business. When businesses utilize customer data to stay updated with customer requirements, they can boost customer loyalty. Customers who believe that a brand values their opinions become a part of the brand’s loyal customer base. Personalized marketing strategies reflect your brand’s information about the customers so they transform one-time visitors into loyal customers that stick with the brand because of its attention to customer requirements.

Take Personalized Marketing to the Next Level with Ascend Analytics


Gain Access to Customer Data

Although heaps of information and customer data are entered into a business’s systems daily, gaining access to actionable insights is a complex task. Ascend Analytics facilitates users through dashboards and visualizations to direct their marketing efforts in the right direction. We collect, manage, and analyze your customer data to enable quick identification of market trends, customer requirements, buying behavior, etc. Upgrade your marketing campaigns by leveraging insights from Ascend Analytics.

Create Customer Segments

Are you a business owner who is working across multiple product lines? With strong research and development departments present in a business, one brand can target multiple segments through different products. Although it adds great value to the brand image, marketing becomes a complex task. Ascend Analytics’ personalized marketing services categorize customers into segments based on the incoming data. Segmentation enables marketers to offer personalized promotional discounts and loyalty programs based on a specific customer segment. 

Measure Return on Investment

As inflation is at an all-time high today, no business would want to strain their financial resources without getting the desired outcome. Marketing strategies require businesses to spend a major chunk of their budget on promotional activities. Businesses develop an overall marketing budget by listing down the contributions from stakeholders, investors, sponsors, and of course their financial resources. All the contributors need a detailed overview of the return so that they can take their next step wisely.

Ascend Analytics decodes the ROI to facilitate efficient marketing spending for the next campaign. We provide actionable insights to businesses by analyzing customer data that enable businesses to manage their financial resources effectively. 

With Ascend Analytics, businesses not only develop effective marketing strategies but also estimate the overall performance of the strategies to drive sales and revenue. Businesses that opt for our services never exhaust their financial resources for nothing in return. As your marketing campaign focuses on the right customers, you can avail the complete benefits you had envisioned.

Meet the Key Performance Indicators

Today every business envisions meeting specific goals and objectives within a certain time frame. Setting key performance indicators to constantly monitor your progress is an ideal way to improve your business performance. How can businesses ensure to reach their KPIs amongst the cut-throat competition? Ascend Analytics has made the process of converting potential leads into lifelong buyers faster than before. You can gauge customer preferences and buying patterns through our data analytics services designed for marketing campaigns. Once you identify the customer intent, nothing can hinder you from developing a customized marketing strategy to meet the KPIs. 

Scale your Business Growth with Ascend Analytics

By now, you are quite familiar with the benefits of personalized marketing. Customize your user experience with Ascend Analytics using the following communication channels.

  1. Send discount codes and promotional offers to customers who are a part of your loyal customer base.
  2. Analyze the credit rating scores of potential customers and target the ones that can boost your business performance.
  3. Surprise customers through social media platforms using coupons and gifts.
  4. Email product recommendations according to the previously purchased products.
  5. Lastly, wish your customers on occasions such as their birthdays and anniversaries. You can also celebrate your business anniversaries with the customers through promo codes and discounts via emails and text messages.

We are sure you are well-versed with the benefits of personalized marketing by now. Stay ahead of the competition by choosing Ascend Analytics marketing services and scale your business growth. At Ascend Analytics, we aim to shape your future using data-driven marketing and business analytics. By quickly turning data into actionable insights for your marketing campaigns, we aim to deliver data-based insights. 

Streamline your marketing operations by availing of our personalized marketing services. Eliminate complex marketing analysis and let us customize your marketing campaigns based on your customer segments. For each customer segment, we have an effective marketing strategy that will leave an ever-lasting impression on your customers. Contact us today to schedule a meeting with our experts and request a proposal.

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