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Harness The Power of Automotive Data

Today’s automobiles have hundreds of sensors built-in which gather information critical to the vehicle’s performance. Automakers today increasingly rely on data to improve their production quality & vehicle efficiency. With large amounts of data pouring in each second, the automotive industry can benefit significantly from the right insights and findings generated from it. With the help of Automotive Analytics by Ascend, manufacturers and other stakeholders can:


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Fine-Tune Your Automotive Business | Ascend Analytics

Engine Performance

Analyze critical data regarding throttle, fuel, oxygen flow, airflow, and combustion.


Keep track of vehicle fleets with real-time data regarding speed, locations, and most traveled zones.

Driving Sensors

Assess driving behaviors to notify on unusual driving trends, high fuel consumption, and identify optimal driving style.

On-board Diagnostic Tools

Identify malfunctioning sensors, devices or vehicle parts.

Vehicle Parts

Data pouring in from vehicle parts notifying health & life of specific parts.

On-board Cameras

Analyze traffic trends, driving behavior, and utilize artificial intelligence to learn from pedestrian & environment data.

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Enable Innovation | Ascend Analytics

Vehicle manufacturers are increasingly relying on customer and vehicle data to rethink and drive innovation in their products & strategy. To offer unique products and services, utilizing data is of the utmost importance in order to drive innovation & revolutionize the automotive industry.

Unlock the power of vehicle & organizational data to provide better products than the competition & offer superior customer experience. Use data to boost sales & differentiate your brand from the competitors. With Auto Analytics, organizations are well-suited to adapt to changing trends, supply & demand uncertainties, and unforeseen circumstances. 

With Ascend’s Automotive Analytics, vehicle manufacturers can significantly decrease their risk factors & increase profitability by utilizing external and internal data at a granular level.

With an increasing customer-first mindset, manufacturers can now leverage data to see what features the customers want, what the competitor is doing, and how to market products better. Dealerships, service centers, and parts manufacturers can process data and draw insights of what items to stock, what service to focus on, and what customer demand is going to be.

Ascend’s Auto Analytics helps you market & sell better with advanced analytics harnessing the power of data readily available.

Vehicles, parts, and technology can now be made even safer with vast amounts of data available for analysis & insights. With an increased focus on vehicle and road safety, manufacturers and regulators are calling for fool-proof safety mechanisms built-in in modern vehicles.

Ascend’s Automotive Analytics not only empowers you to analyze vehicle data but also manufacturing data to optimize product manufacturing and production processes.

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