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Ascend Analytics is a global AgriTech Analytics and Consulting Firm

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With Ascend Analytics, growers can access actionable insights using the latest advancements in computer vision and machine learning. The company’s data science team combines big information from their fields with historical records to provide valuable monitoring tools for optimum yields while minimizing risks associated with pests or diseases that could affect your crop yield goals!

Ascend Analytics is working to solve the world's most critical challenges in food production and sustainability.

At Ascend Analytics, we know what’s at stake for your business and the food supply. Our innovative Agritech solutions help improve decisions by transforming data into valuable insights that will better serve you in all aspects of production—from discovering new products to commercializing them once they’re ready.


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Transform your agriculture business with our powerful analytics

The agriculture industry is dealing with a data management problem. The number of IoT devices that collect information from connected farm equipment – smart tractors, drones, and more — continues to grow exponentially; this means growers can expect a wave upon wave load for their research needs in the future! 

With Ascend Analytics’ AI-powered analytics you’ll be able to extract valuable insights into plant health/yields etc., which will lead us down different paths toward sustainable practices.

Gather and analyze data to help protect the health of plants, animals, and humans.
Precision agriculture is about more than just making fields bigger. It's also all in the details, which can be harvested for increased yields with greater efficiency and accuracy thanks to advanced technology like GPS equipment that provides pinpointed data
Improve the wellbeing of animals by providing insights for livestock wellness monitoring and management.
The time has never been better to take advantage of analytics for your food supply chain. We have the details you need and can help unlock value in any type or size operation, large enterprise farm-to retailer kitchen!
The food supply chain is a complex, ever-changing system.
By understanding the impact and performance of sustainability initiatives, you can make an informed decision on which ones to invest in.

Transform Your Business Today

How do we enable AgriTech Insights for our Partners


The world is becoming more and more data-driven. In order to make sense of this information, we need advanced analytics that can cut through the noise for meaningful insights–and these are just what you’ll find at your fingertips with technological advancements in computing!

The data science capabilities at Ascend Analytics are unmatched in the industry, with a deep understanding of how economic factors affect transformation outcomes.

How Ascend Analytics enables opportunities for success in the AgriTech sector

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