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Our Advanced Analytics Consulting Services enables your business to adopt modern analytics solutions using predictive modeling, machine learning, deep learning, and processes automation to analyze, decipher, and simplify data coming in from different sources. Get ahead of the competition with:

Big Data Enablement 

Business Intelligence Capability

Predictive Modeling Tools

With an increasingly large adoption & acceptance, Advanced Analytics is expected to grow to around $40 Billion by 2024. Large and small companies both are capitalizing on the future of data analytics with Advanced Analytics enablement solutions. With its vast applications & incredible results, Advanced Analytics can help organizations achieve record success.

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Business Intelligence - Powered by Ascend Analytics

Become Agile, Smart, and Digital with Ascend’s Advanced Analytics enablement solutions. Enable complex programming & onboard the best solutions for your business.

Unified Data Sources

Combine & Clean data coming from multiple sources without the hassle to reduce delay in reporting & save on human resource

Automated Real-Time Dashboards

View valuable data made more straightforward with accessible dashboards displaying essential information required for decision making

Cross-functional Data Visibility

Make data accessible for all stakeholders & departments by creating custom reports & visualizations, tailored to functional needs

Digital Transformation with Ascend’s Advanced Analytics Consulting Services:

In today’s digital age, Analytics has become increasingly crucial for businesses to compete as it employs various methodologies to make data interpretable. Advanced Analytics allows businesses & professionals to use complex techniques to make data simple & understandable. Use Advanced Analytics for:

Analysis Report


Group items based on similarities.


Group items based on shared qualities


Identify relationships.


Figure out future values & requirements and make decisions accordingly.


Figure out what will happen next, and plan accordingly.


Identify joint occurrences & relationships of stimuli.

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Harness the Power of Advanced Analytics with Ascend Analytics Consulting Services

Combine the power of prescriptive & predictive analytics with Ascend’s complete Analytics solutions to provide your business with the edge it needs to get ahead of the competition.

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Predict what happens next, before it occurs. Forecast sales, supply, demand, & growth by studying trends & changes in data, all in real-time. Identify problems before they occur, preventing losses.

Use data & decisions made in the past to influence future planning & strategy based on insights generated.

High Level Capabilities To Get More Out Of Your Data

Use Ascend’s Advanced Analytics Consulting services to make your business truly data-driven. With it’s robust tools & high accuracy methods, Ascend enables Advanced Analytics for your organization so that you can use the following to your advantage

Use machine learning in your business to analyze user behavior, make decisions about stock & inventory, streamline logistics, and empower marketing to predict user preferences and present target suggestions.

Machine Learning Applications

Financial Management

Marketing Automation

Behavior Analysis

Industrial Automation

Customer Service


Enable Artificial Intelligence for your business to automate processes, gain insights from data, and reduce human resources to engage with customers. AI can now predict what your customer wants, identify outliers & fraud alerts, offer automated customer services & chatbots, and even learn on-the-go.

Remove the need for expensive resources & manpower and enable automated extraction, cleaning, & reporting of data within your organization. Now you can automate & gather insights from massive amounts of data coming in from different sources, without spending a fortune on expensive consultants & software.

Enable your business to manage crises & handle unforeseen events efficiently. With Complex Event Processing, you can empower your employees to be informed when events or pre-built triggers are activated. CEP can be used in a wide variety of businesses such as Stock Market Trading, IoT applications, Autonomous Vehicles, & RFID powered Retailers.

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